A casual gathering of analog game makers, providing collaboration, inspiration and support.

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What is it?

The gmparty is a casual online gathering of analog-only game developers that provide support, collaboration, and offers an opportunity to form new alliances and partnerships. By that, I mean we get together, talk about games we are developing, help each other with ideas and suggestions, and/or just listen. I reserve the right to bring out the cheerleading pom-poms.

Or if you prefer, watch the intro video above.

Why is it?

Game development needs brains. That means collaboration and someone to listen. We’re all devs and sometimes you just need to bounce things off of someone. And quite frankly, I feel a little dumb talking to a rubber duck.

When is it?

One or two times per month. There’s already been a few sessions on the YouTube Channel. Once the ‘recording studio’ is rebuilt, I’ll be making a regular schedule, and participants will be able to sign up into the schedule.

Where is it?

This YouTube channel. Participants will be invited using Google Hangouts. If you’re a participant, make sure you’re set up to use Hangouts. If you need help getting set up, Google has some setup pages here, and make sure you have plenty of light.

How do I get involved?

Contact me, Andy Berdan, via email, or on twitter. There’s also a #gmparty hashtag, feel free to check that out too. The GameMakerParty account will be used primarily for episode announcements.